Wish Us Luck

Heeelllo dear readers 🙂

i know i’m not posting like i used to,  & i’m so sorry for not replying to comments or even twitter , that’s because i’m having the worst summer course with the worst 3 subjects ever, & YES my major depends completely on them! 😥

i’m eating like a monster & craving  deep fried food ughhh, biting all my nails-“sniff”, feeling sick & tired all the time .. god i’m so stressed ! 😥 .. i went shopping yesterday “t’3er jaw” , but i couldn’t  enjoy at all ! ,,

oh yea even ” 3anfooga” she’s not posting because of the finals !

Plus i feel so ashamed & embarrassed because i couldn’t  finish any design before Ramadan for “Mubarak” – im so sorry- promise i’ll finish them ASAP 😦 !

anyway we ‘ll come back soon inshalla ..

o Mabarak 3alikom el-shaahaar o teqbal alla 6a3tkom 🙂

Goodnight !

11 thoughts on “Wish Us Luck

  1. All the best luck sweetie, relax and I’ll do great inshallah 🙂 o mbarak 3alaich el shahar as well 🙂

  2. ya36eech al3afyaa.. sure we miss u posting bs drastch ahaam 😀
    3asa allah ywafgch o inshallah y3adi hal course 3ala 5aair 😀
    Waiting for you to come back 😀
    don’t worry we will be waiting :***

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