6 thoughts on “Searching for a book

  1. oki doki . . . for Bizarre weird rituals, try the trilogy of Dan Brown (Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci code, Lost Symbols) they talk about Masons, what they are, what they believe in and who are they . . . I really loved those books.

    as for cultures, i just got a book called The Sins of The House of Borgia, it talks about the 17th century or 19th (not so sure) in Italy & about a famous Italian family! Once I read it I’ll post about it.

    also The Help which I’ve just finished reading was a very enjoyable book, filled with wittiness and jokes. also it teaches you few things the black people went through back at that time. 17th century i guess!

    hope i helped a bit 🙂

    • I like biographies and read a few that are amazing about arab cultures
      (u think you know the different arab cultrures?? Think again!!!!!!! )

      – Banat EL Reyath –
      (the arabic version is VERY good ! ITs a MUST if u havnt read it)

      – “Princess” by Jean Sasson –
      A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia (note: el jez2 el awal a7la wa7id)

      – Burned Alive/ Souad – by Kieran Crowley
      Another true story about a survior of an honor kiling (in Jordan/Lebanon I think)

    • Leen: ee sma3t 3n bnat el-rya’9 wayed bs dayman out of stock ! is it that good ? :s

      thnx a lot for the suggestions dear 🙂

  2. awal shay 5anjabil kotob il jam3aaa taaly y9eer 5air :p

    yabeela inshalla 3ogob il finals insayer 3ala l mktbaa shwai .. n5m6 kotob ;*

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