We’re back !

Heeeellloo theree 😀

FINAAALLLYYY i’m done with the worst summer course ever !! wel 7amdealla alla ma ‘9ya3 t3by 🙂

thank you thank you thank you thank you! 7ag kil my twitter followers bedon estethna2 te7mltaw t76lmi 24 sa3a 3n edrasa 😛

So bema ena ejazty blshaaat ra7 ablish akmil my wish list

o awalhom “3umrah” bacher inshalla brou7 a3tmer for the first time for me  *YEY* i’m so excited 😀

what about u guys ? what’s ur plans for summer vacation ?

16 thoughts on “We’re back !

  1. Congraaaats!! Wallah ma sowat 3alaich hal summer course bs il7amdila ma ‘6aa3 il ta3ab im happy for u 😀

    3ad al7eeen enjoy every single moment of ur vacation 😉

    3atoooj amaaana daamich ray7a il 3umra ed3eeeeeeeli allah esahil umooori 😦
    Etro7eeen witrideeen bisalama o inshala 3umra maqboola ;**

  2. you will enjoooooy

    عمرة وبرمضاااان شي مو طبيعي

    لا تنسين تدعين لنا

    وو happy vacation ;*

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