Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones


مجرم مختل عقليا يختطف زوجات تجار المخدارت مقابل فديه وبعد ما ياخذ الفديه يرد لهم زوجاتهم مقطعين بجياس.. والممثل “ليام” دوره بالفلم محقق كالعاده كل افلامه دور الشرطي او المحقق

بالنسبه لي حسيته ما يستاهل 7\10 حده حده 5.5\10 يمكن لان وايد  كان مقطع في اشياء مافهمتها بس هم بنفس الوقت حسيته ممل وقصه قديمه ماكو شي يديد

One thought on “Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones

  1. The chances are you want to watch this movie because of Liam Neeson, who’s popularity skyrocketed the last 4-5 years because of such movies as Taken and Taken 2.

    Well, Neeson is the only reason that this movie doesn’t suck entirely.

    In this movie he is a traumatized ex-cop who hunts down a couple of psychopath killers. The pace of the movie is pretty slow. Don’t expect Taken-like scenes in this one. No big surprises script-wise either. Pretty much standard stuff.

    The music could be more suitable for a haunted house horror film, and although there are some scenes in a cemetery the title is misleading.

    The narrative is somehow difficult to grasp. There aren’t constant flashbacks as in other movies but for the first half of the movie many viewers are confused about the timeline of some events.

    Also the movie is rather long. This simple premise could have been resolved in far less time than its 1h:54m running time.

    Check it out only if you are a hardcore Liam Neeson fan.

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