FINAAAALS !! oh yeah *sigh*

 *the longest 9 days in my life*

 so i decided to stay away from social networks & blogging

*except instagram* 😛  for awhile to save time and focus!

counting down to start my vacation YUPIIII 😀 ! *chicken-dance*

gonna miss y’all, WISH ME LUCK 😉

PS:sorry for not replying to emails, twitter,comments & facebook


scary childhood memories

…لما كانوا يحطونهم بالتلفزيون قبل كله عبالي لابسين بدله عشان يصيرون نفس


لما دخلت المتوسطه بعدين استوعبت ان هذا جسمهم الصجي وكله لعب بالهرمونات :\


Happy New Year 2012

2011 was a kinda unproductive year for me, but the most important thing i learned that some of my best friends were fake friends “ma9la7chia” 😛 i wish i discovered that earlier bs el-7amdealla 3ala kil 7al 🙂  , also i learned not to be too nice with anybody or they will stab ur back sooner or later !

plus i decided to complete my major & forget the idea about switching my major !

Now what to do in 2012 ?

-finish my old high school scrapbook

-print all my good recipes

-lose 5-7 kilos

-be more creative and productive

-switch to mac !

-print all the photos and but them in albums

-change my room color

-be more healthy

-finish my ice-skating lessons

-studying day by day and focus more on my studies

-stop wasting money on useless things and be wise !

-walk 3 times a week

– join volunteering group or part time job

– travel anywhere

-Improve my drawing skills

-and complete more things from my wish list !

what about you guys ? what’s ur plans for  2012?

عساها تكون سنة خير عليكم وعلينا  🙂


Vote for the best local business

Sultan center is organizing an event in Sharq store in January 19,20,21 2012 .. and they asked me to choose 3 of my favorite small businesses as candidates and let my readers to vote.

The winner will participate in the event plus 1 day free of 5 hours training in Retail Academy

Number 1:www.polkalicious.com

Number2: www.hadeyastation.com


the deadline for announcing the winner is tomorrow !! HURRY UP 😀



do u remmeber my old post about curly wurly ?? CLICK HERE !

 i found it in Lulu hyper market !! So soft & chewy *crying* ❤

New flavors from pringles! well, both of them *daga* !! 😛

Honey & mustard ahwan mn ethani !



I’ve been tagged by the lovely Iyaa to do this Alphabetical Tag !  😀

Available: Yes
Age: 21
Animals: i love all the animals except insects, birds and fishes !
Beer: is Barbican Toot y3tbar beer ? 😛
Best Friend:  Little J
Body part on opposite sex: teeth” smile” , gr3aa & dimples
Best feeling in the world: when i open my potato chips bag after futoor 😛
Best weather: Winter
Been in love: No
Been on stage: Yes a lot 😛
Believe in magic? Yes
Believe in Santa? La !
Brand: Kil shy ! ma 3da Chanel uuugh !
Color: all the light colors
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate !
Chines/Indian/Italian: ooohh all of them !
Cake or pie: CAAAKE
Cheese: oh god all the time !
Day or Night: Day !
Dancing in the rain: Yes wanasa , bs ma tswa 3ly omi tzfni “ahooo deshay la tamr’9en “- *sniff* 😛
Eyes: brown
Ever failed a class: in college yes ! 😥
Enemies: Not sure 😛
Exercise: typing on the keyboard 😛
First thoughts waking up: Whats for Futoor? 😛
Food: Italian food and mechabeees ❤ 😛
Greatest Fear: madry mafy shy ly al-7en a5tre3 mna glbi gewii e7m 😛
Get along with your parents: Yes el7amdella ;*
Hair color: black
Happy: YEES  el-7amdeallaa 😀
Holiday: i’m enjoying my holiday 7raaaah nananaana 😛
Ice cream: in looooove ❤
Jewelry: i love to collect them but i hate wearing them dunno why 😛
Job: Student  T-T
Kids: someday inshalla 🙂
Kickboxing or Karate: both 😀
Love: everything !
Laughed so hard to cry: Yea a loooot 😛
Milk flavor: KDD Chocolate milk
Movies: all the kinds
Motion sickness: mmm not really
McD’s and BK: i HATE fast food !
Number: 3-25
One wish: finish all my wish list 😀
Perfect Pizza: ohh i want pizza now , i love papa johns all the meat pizza thin crust, pizza express margarita and i’m dying to try solo pizza after ramadan inshalla 😀
Pepsi/Coke: I HATE soft drinks
Perfume/Cologne: both !
Quail: aaaa noisy bird can i kill him ;$ ? 😛
Reason to cry: i’ll skip this Q
Reality TV: waste of time ! not a fan
Radio station: Marina 88.8
Song:i quit listening to songs long time ago el-7amdealla 😀
Shoes size: 39-40
Strawberry/Blueberry: both ❤
Sport: basketball , squash
Tattoos: 9a7ya a7req jeeldy??? 7ta low 7enna tattoo eeww ! big NO kafi ena 7ram !
Thunderstorm: beautiful nature
Unpredictable: Yes
Vacation spot(s): on my couch playing COD or Portal 2
Weakness: when i see 1 liter of ice-cream
Who makes you laugh the most: Hayooona ;*
Worst weather: r6ooba !
X-Rays: wayed teksart o infla3t wa3lya 3ly 😛
Year it is now:  almost the end of 2011
Yellow: Qadsyiah ❤ but i hate the color 😛
Zoo animal: monkey ❤ ! hatha ely arou7 3shana 😛
 I will tag : dear_romeo , mo3ath , ducatiq8i , summer , hadeel , roro 😀

Happy Anniversary

YES today my blog turns one year old YEEEEY 😀

Time flies away so fast ,I never realized that my blog will turn one year old so soon “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY BLOG”

I am thankful to all my blogger friends,followers, silent readers and regular readers of my blog for following along with my blog ,also for their constant support and encouragement with their lovely words. Blogging has not only become my passion now but also gave me so many good friends who are in touch regularly, I’m glad I entered the blogging world & meeting nice people

regards, 3ateeja