Hungy Bunny

بروحتنا حق شاليهات سليل وانا اتعبث بالخرايط ندور مكان مركز سلطان بالصدفه قريت اسم

Hungry Bunny

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Lulu hypermarket

while ago “i mean looong time ago ” i went to lulu hypermarket “alrai” yaaaa 2elaaaaaaaahi mo 9ijjj qamta wel re7a tmawet awal o a5er mara a6eba 😛 !!

so re7t bsr3a to my fav section which is potato chips corner and i found THIS !

hmmm interesting  banana chips ! t7saft madry lish ma 5thet wa7ed ajrba 😛 ymken el-bag ma yshje3 ? i dunno..

anyway ge3dt adawer shy yded ma jrbta o sheft pringles m3a eni ma a7ba bs lema7t no3 yded bel nisba ly bs madry etha kan mawjod mn gabel !

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