Review:The Smurfs

i just saw it online, hmm i’m kinda disappointment ! it’s remind me alot of  Alvin & the chipmunks !!! :\

it’s exactly the same story but with different tiny creatures and different ending ,well, both can sing , both lived in the city ,both give inspiration, ee o lazem fe wa7ed geek o wa7ed msabah o wa7ed normal ya3ni 7ta esha59yat nafs,ha & much much much much more !!!!!  madry shelsalfa shofoh o ra7 tefhmon qa9dii ! :\

el-shay el-wa7ed ely 7abeta ehwa  “Azrael” Gargamel cat,  hilarious cat ❤ !!

overall it’s not that bad but i’ll give it 5\10

i prefer the classic “سنفور”


Scream 4


Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

tawa shftaa LOOOOOOL chena low budget movie ’97kny akthar mn ma 5r3ny ” nafs 6aqat el-ajza2 el-qadema taqreban”  bs ely 3jbni ena 6ol el-wagt 7a6et ebali ena el-killer sha59 mo3yan bs a5rat,ha 6la3 sha59 thany kilsh ma twq3ta ykon ehwa and btw the fun start at the last 20 min !!

kint b36eh 5\10 bs enhaya 3jbtni so lets say 7\10 ??

more pictures and info here


Fast Five

Dominic and his crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord and a relentless federal agent.


what i think about it? well at the beginning i thought i’m watching rambo or Indian movie ! 😛 , but after awhile “indmajt” , and i like how it’s funny\ action

bs fe shy naqe9 !! el-movie bkbra ytklam 3an el-chip ely yabonha el-mafia , khla9 el-film o ma galaw sh9ar feha aw shsawaw feha mara wa7da 6a7aw 3al flos ;\

ooohh and the part when the GF tne6 mn fog mabna ly mabna chenha “Jackie Chan” o ehya 7amel awal el-ash,her o e6e7 o tarke’9 fog kil hatha ma 6y7at el-baby mashalla ! 😛

i give it 7.5 of 10

PS: etha 5la9 el-movie la te6l3on ne6raw lina b3d ma y76on ‘3nyat el-nehaya fe tkmla !

Link IMDb


Review:How Do You Know

EEW EEW EEEWW el-movie ta3eees !! BORING !!! m2saaat!! el-moshkila lima klmna “el-tickets guy” madry shysmonhom galna ena non stop laughing  !! EXCUSE ME !!

walla nemna kil wa7da namat 3ala chatf ethania na6ren el-nehaya o chan zain ma ne6rna el-nehaya,,  akher shy hastrna madry 3ala shno bs qemna n3aleq o n’97ak mn kither ma ehwa sa5ef ! 6b3an ‘3er ely 6l3aw mn awal 30 mins el-cinema ta9fer

ely by’9ye3 wagta 3al fa’9i khal yshofa 😀

qe9a ma3yoda o qadema!

wayed 6wel !

7safa 3al momathlen !




review: the city of life

teklmt 3na gabel fatra hnyy ena qadem mal 2009 bs 3r’9oh bel q8 nehayat 2010 o bsr3a shaloh ma mdani arou7la cinema,, dwrta abi ashofa dvd ma lget dawart online ham ma lget bs awal ams 9edfa lgeta online o shefta bel 3ada ma a7b a6ale3 aflam khalejia bs da3yata shdtni tlgon ed3aia again hnyy ..

el-qe9a tetklam 3n 3 fe2at 3ayshen in UAE :Indians- Emirates -Europeans o t9er lihom a7dath

ely 3jbni:

-baynaw m3na el-real friendship

-tamthelhom kan 7ilo

3jbni el-ta9wer kan  7ilo bel nesba 7ag intaj khaleji

ely ma 3jbni:

-wayed kan fe faqrat khamer bzod ma 3a6oh 6abe3 khaleji kilsh   !

over all not bad shofoh 3n el-7asafa :p


The Expendables 2010

i went 2day to “The Expendables” movie after watching the 6D show in the avenues,, wayed can 9a5ah !!!-too quite in avenues can u believe it specially ena 3eed- @@

anyway shofaw hal Trailer first


A group of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Once the mission begins, the men realize things arent quite as they appear, finding themselves caught in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal.

6ab3an el-cast kan 7ada qawi bs 7aseta film hindi !!!

1- 6 men taqreban ythb7on jesh kamel o ra2esen in couple minutes !

2- el-qe9a wayed qadema o ma feh shy yded

3-madri lish tethkart RAMBOO !! bel ‘9b6 nafs e6aqa,,5a9tan ena Sylvester Stallone ehwa el-mo5rej wel ba6al in the same time so kilsh ma est’3rabt ! 😀

a36eh 5\10 😀