Dining Gluten-Free in Kuwait Campaign‏

i got email from our dear blogger  Danderma about Coeliac disease ,, & directly i remembered my best friend “Nora”  😦  ,, she has Coeliac disease , & she’s really suffering to get a gluten-free breads from certain bakeries “ex: in Hawali” , & While ago she emailed “Kuwait flour mills & bakeries” if they can make it available in the Co-ops so they can get easily instead of going to Hawali “almost daily” , but unfortunately no one answered her !


SO this is a request from me, Danderma and from all Coeliac patients PLEASE:

” If you are a restaurants owner, or a chef, or a homemade food business, or know someone in the food industry who would listen, then on behalf of the gluten intolerant people in Kuwait we ask you to please just print a little piece of A4 paper pointing out which menu items are gluten free and inform your waiters about them. Also you can always add a gluten free rice based pasta in the back of your restaurant and use it whenever a gluten intolerant person wishes to dine in and have some hearty pasta. Flourless desserts or ones used with gluten free flour as well as bread can also be used in menus, for example baking one loaf of gluten free to be used during the weekend and freezing it would be very helpful indeed.” quoting from Danderma email.

for reading the whole post in Danderma blog Click

لقراءة الموضوع بالعربي في مدونة فرانكوم


Yogen Fruz

first of all  i’m not an frozen yogurt fan at alllll !! i hate how it’s taste sour-sweet- weird !! , so if ur a person like me,, then i recommend u 2 try “yogen fruz ” !!

specially the chocolate flavor ! it’s remind me of KDD chocolate milk !! i luuuuuuv itttt !!!

also they told me that u can choose any kind of the fruits and blend it with the original flavor yogurt  “i’ll try it next time inshalla 😀

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btw they have fat free frozen yogurt yey ! 😀

friendly & lovely staff thank you ! 

you can find them in discovery mall

FB Link


Snack of the day *YUM*

يواعه وتبون تاكلون شي خفيف؟ مالكم إلا نمل كولومبيا المقرمش

ولااا يقول لكم مافيها دهون مشبعه يعني خوش شي حق اهل الرجيم ومنها بروتين طبيعي !!ا

!! واذا عالطعم لا تحاتون مكتوب طعمه نفس طعم bacon

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ومسوين عليه sale

صار ب 20$ بحدود 6 د.ك

تبون تطلبونه ؟؟

click !!

bon appetit 😀


My gubes Birthday 25-3-2011


well yesterday kan my birthday, yes ! o ana asfa gbast 3likom with the sandstorm 😀

bs walla kan action ” alla la y3oda mn youm” alla setar o r7mna

6b3an 7ta el-youm ma agdar a7tfel lina i’m so sick feny 7sasya mn el-‘3bar ! ;\

” i’m so gubes heeeh” 😀

here’s some pictures from friends , family & me:

after less than10 min e5tefat kilmat 3ateeja !

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hair in my sandwich !


twice in one week , seriously !! what the hell is going on ! i’m paying 1.300 kd daily for a sandwich from Second Cup Cafe “khaldia branch”  because it’s supposed to be healthy ! but is having a hair in my sandwich healthy ??

in the first time i went to the manager & i showed him the hair  ! he told me “ohh sorry madam it’s not our fault because they bring the sandwiches and the salads wrapped and packed from the kitchen”… i know that duuuh !!! he called the kitchen manager and when he came back, he said: “3a6eto kam kilme samt loh badano feha o inshalla ma tetkarar i’m sorry haydy sandwesh jdeda o kman fruit salad 3ala 7sabna b3tezer mara tanya ” …

but i think “3a6eto kamn kilme samt loh badano feha” didn’t actually happened !! because today as usual i ordered my favorite sandwich which is “lemon chicken” i ate almost all of it and BOOM ! a LONG BLACK HAIR  AGAIN ?! are they kidding me ?! i went to the cashier to call the manager. but he said “sorry they changed the manager & i don’t know his number but he’s coming after 1 hour”  so i waited for him, but he didn’t show up !!!

the cashier offered me another sandwich or coffee “byra’9eeni” as if that was going to work !! i didn’t take his offer because it’s not the solution to change the sandwich each time!!! they could just make it as perfect as it should be from the begging ! it’s really disgusting !!

this is the last time i’m going to order from them “although i luv their citrus green tea “, but i don’t care because i’m making my own home-made healthy sandwich to take it with me daily like a KG kid !!



مستانسه لان زاد الوعي بالكويت الحمد الله والناس قاموا يهتمون بالبيئه اكثر واكثر

المهم اندش بالموضوع 😀

شركة المعامل شركه كويتية توفر للبيوت والمحلات صناديق مجانا هدفها اعادة التصنيع

كل الي عليكم بس تملون هالصناديق بالبلاستيك والاوراق او زجاح ومعادن باختصار اي شي نقدر نصنع منه مره ثانيه او انه صعب يتحلل بالطبيعه

هذولا صناديقي وصلوا 😀


تبون نفسهم؟

كل الي عليكم ادزون عنوانكم مسج على هالرقم 97251506

ويوصل لكم لي البيت ويعطونكم جدول حق كل اسبوع متى ايون ياخذونه منكم





i went to avenues 2day and i saw this huge & cute slipper in United Colors Of Benetton

ely 3al ysar hatha el-normal size ok now let’s move to the right side that i’m talking about !! fe shy wa7ed m3qdni !! shlon ylbsona? aw ymshon feh bm3na a9a7 !! lina ehwa bs 1 piece o feh mn da5el mokan 7ag erelen !!! b’3et atleqaf o ajreb bs getl ma tswa 3li at3rchab o atfshal !! :p

anyway would you buy this cute soft puppy ?



& i’m soooo happyyyy

sheft el-security man today ra7 7ag 2 boys with a big smile on his face o klmhom bkil adab o 5tha mnhom el-cigarette m3a el-packet to make sure enhom ma yd5non again

& the boys estslmaw lel amer el-waqe3 o 3a6oh el-packet with a smile on their faces !!

& a biiiig smile on my face too !!

inshalla y’9lon active o mo bs awal chum youm 😀