About Me

Who’s “3ateeja”?

Kuwaiti Girl Studying in Kuwait  University “unfortunately” 😛  !  

Technology freak 

Italian & Japanese food lover !

Cooking lover

DIY lover

 Why “3ateeja”?  

simply because all the domain names are taken, so rsena 3ala “3ateeja” 😛

plus because I’m so vintage 😀

if you have any question , feedback , you can visit contact us page :

click here

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Am The 1st Comment Yeeey Na Na Na Na Na ;p! 3teeeeeeeeeeeejaaa ! What a Great Name :p Esm ? 3ala Mosama
    CONGRATZ For opening This Blog;D! I Got Exited 2 C The Inception Movie When i Saw it in ur HP<3;*
    mmm w b3d shnu bss 3aad warai Packing La Shmsa Tahbdny 3ala Wasy ;p(A)!
    Overwhelming Work Hun;* keep up in ur new Haba XD
    bbye FB Welcome BG World lol;*
    Lubich , Adios Cha Cha ;;;*!

  2. I faced exactly the same problem with domain names, I tried super weird names & were all taken 😦 welcome to blogging world & wish you all the best & keep up the good work!

    • ooohhh ok so i’m not the only person faced that!! coool i feel better now nyahahaha :p

      ps: thanks for ur sweet wishes 😀

  3. Welcome to the blogging world i guess you will have many experience good,bad even worse but the main thing is everytime from no where some good people will come to cheer you up you will smile 🙂 and make many good freinds along the way

    Happy blogging Ukhti

    I wish you best of luck

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