Sushi\ Maki rolls recipe !

if you’re following my blog you would notice that i’m a Japanese food addict! 😛

 i luv making my own maki rolls …I’ve tried lots and lots of recipes but this one is the best

  •  first of all prepare the sushi rice because it takes time !
  1. Wash 1 cup of sushi rice *enough for 3 rolls*- thoroughly in cold water until the water get clean and drain
  2. Cover the rice with cold water and stand for 20 min
  3. Drain & rinse
  4. Add the rice to 400 ml of water in a pan and bring to boil
  5. Reduce the heat and cover *after you cover it don’t ever open it that’s really important! *
  6. Simmer for 10 min only!
  7. Close the heat and keep it on side for more 10 min! *again don’t open it at all*
  8. 4 tbs of rice vinegar mix it with pinch of salt & 2 tbs of sugar mix it up until dissolve on low heat then let it cool on room temp. – *or use only 4 tbs of the seasoned rice vinegar !*
  9. now follow this video only from 2:46 min until the end for cooling the rice  
  10. now you’re rice is ready 😀
  11. remember to cover the bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap to keep it clean
  12. bring small bowl & fill it with cold water so you can dip ur hand in it if the rice it’s too sticky !*optional*
  13. lay the soybean sheet or the nori on top of a sushi mat (see image below).
  14. spread thin layer of the rice without squashing it and keep one of sides clear about 1cm (see image below) 
  15. fill it with what ever you like , for me i added tempura shrimps,avocado,cucumber,crabs and spicy mayo *YUM*
  16.  Roll up , slice, and serve! 
  •  The spicy mayo ingredients :
*there is no specific amount of the sauces just add 1 tbs from each sauce Gradually*
  • TIPS:
  1. you can find all the ingredients in lulu-hyper or singarea-supermarket
  2. there is lots of crab kinds make sure it looks like the( below image)
  3. keep the crab 4 hours out of the freeze to separate them easily (see the image below) * DON’T EVER NEVER DEFROST THEM IN MICROWAVE*
  4. for the tempura batter mix i’ll write it in separate post soon inshallah

bon appetit 😀 

12 thoughts on “Sushi\ Maki rolls recipe !

  1. yuuuuummy ❤ ❤

    لازم اجربها اقرب وقت ممكن

    بس اخلص الدايت 😛

    يعطيج العافية :*

  2. 3ateeejaaa ,,,,,, i have been looking all around the coountry (Kuwait) to find Nori Sushi Sheets, Sushi Rice and Rice vinegar, but did not find anything, where do u buy your stuff?

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