Review:Sunny Side Up

We got invited a couple of days ago to try out Sunny side up menu, i went there with my sis & we wanted to set inside because it’s was early in the morning and it’ really cold outside ! , but mashallah it was full inside so estslmna lel amer el-waqe3 o g3dna bara :P,, yabaw lena blankets o sh’3law edfayat o tdafena 😀 

Loving the 3D menu ! *cute*

Hot chocolate , ma agdar a7kem 3aliha lena kina ga3den bara bel barad o 3ala ma 9wart ela brad …  x(

french toast , was OK for me & my sis 7abeta 🙂

The New Yorker ( My Sis order)

& she said: “latheeeeeth” 10\10

The real sunny side up roast beef sandwich 

One word ” DELICIOUS” 

after we finished eating food the waitress surprised us with toothsome dishes !

Nutella pancake

it’s made For Nutella fans ! , i love nutella bs 7aset,ha wayed thgela 7lat,ha tnwkenl 3ala m3da fathya m3a black coffee

The Elvis

Brioche stuffed with banana , Custard & topped with blueberry 


PS: Sis kanat takla o tgol mo zain a3rf cham calorie feh lol 😛

the bil comes in cute tiny pan ! *creative*


b3d ma 5l9na akel tmashena shway 7walen el-mokan , i just love the old market ❤

if u love the American breakfast then it’s the right place for you 🙂

thank you Mr.Faisal AlSaeed for your invitation

and thanks for the lovely staff 

definitely i’m coming back tomorrow to try out more dishes

Follow them @SunnySideUpKw  

8 thoughts on “Review:Sunny Side Up

    • الله يعافيج حبيبتي, مجمع الصقران بالديره نفس المجمع الي فيه حليب وهيل وتيستي منقوشه بس من ورا المجمع مو عالشارع

  1. لوووووول جنج تدرين عاد انا حاطه ابالي باجر بروح اهناك خوش مشكوره حبيبتي بجربه وبقولج رايي فيه بصراحه :p

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