Happy New Year 2012

2011 was a kinda unproductive year for me, but the most important thing i learned that some of my best friends were fake friends “ma9la7chia” 😛 i wish i discovered that earlier bs el-7amdealla 3ala kil 7al 🙂  , also i learned not to be too nice with anybody or they will stab ur back sooner or later !

plus i decided to complete my major & forget the idea about switching my major !

Now what to do in 2012 ?

-finish my old high school scrapbook

-print all my good recipes

-lose 5-7 kilos

-be more creative and productive

-switch to mac !

-print all the photos and but them in albums

-change my room color

-be more healthy

-finish my ice-skating lessons

-studying day by day and focus more on my studies

-stop wasting money on useless things and be wise !

-walk 3 times a week

– join volunteering group or part time job

– travel anywhere

-Improve my drawing skills

-and complete more things from my wish list !

what about you guys ? what’s ur plans for  2012?

عساها تكون سنة خير عليكم وعلينا  🙂

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012

  1. happy new year, these are all easy 😀 well, my plan is just to stay healthy and alive, surrounded by my loved ones 😀

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