Review: 10.Oh.8

heeelllooo finally i’m done with the detox diet 😀 !!!! bs ra7 akamel normal diet o nehayat kil week ra7 ykon fe cheat meal  a5tarhom mn el-list ely 3al ysar..

ok el-youm re7t my skating lessons ! o b6l3tna tethkrt ena 10.Oh.8 greb !! ehwaa 9a7 greeeb mn el-skating rink bs thy3na o 6wlna e6rej waaaayeeed ! LOL 6rejna 9ar mn merqab ly sharq ly bned el-qar ly el-ba7ar o a5rat,ha qelna 5la9 nrou7 freej 9wel7 chan nshof lafat alhamra tower o lafena ge3dna n7ooos o marena yama shkther bs ma entbhna 😛 o lafet wrong side o 3amy eshayeb 3a9ab 3ly y2sher *maynona* e7m LOL ana asfa 3amy eshayeb 3lemyah shsawi :$

anywaaay we9lna bel salama el-7amdeallaaah 😛

awal ma dashena tna7t  b3d kil hal 7osa maaakoooo seats *shoot me * !!! anyway glna etha tegdron ne6raw shway 10 mins, gelnala 5la9 dam 10 min nan6er bel syara , ma mdana no9al esyara chan ynadena ashwaa 😛 el-kil 6laaa3 hehehehe ‘9law bs 2 girls 😛 , el-mookaaaan 3aajeeeeb so cozy, it  feels like home !!

Ok now enough with the blah blah and let’s talk about the foooooood ❤ 😛

Caesar Salad: fresh,light and yumi dressing

Rate: 8\10

Pizza Margherita : very light pizza, but to be honest i think it needs more flavor, by adding oregano, parmesan cheese or garlic sauce dipping  maybe ?

Rate: 6\10

Alfredo: OH GOD SOOO YUMIII, ok i think no no wait i’m sure it’s the best Alfredo pasta in town !!

so tasty *naa63aa* and the most important it’s NOT heavy at all !!

Rate: 9.5\10

*Next time i’ll try the breakfast menu *

prices: are reasonable *specially the water not overpriced * 😛 – 9\10

Place: 10\10

Staff: 10\10

Note: 10.Oh.8 stand for block 10 , Oh so good 😛 , street 8 .. interesting  🙂

for more info about them : Website,Twitter,Facebook

19 thoughts on “Review: 10.Oh.8

  1. always wanted to try it bs elmokan b3eed o as u said madre lesh 7aseet 7osa 3la ma o9al! anyways, 3alekom bel3afia o nshallah maybe one day i’ll try it 😀

    • la mo 7osa, mokanaa ybayen 3al share3 bs mn el-yo3 kina mgflen + mn el-asas ana ma adel shy 😛
      lema tmren edera jrbeh 🙂

  2. 3ad ilmokan 7ada sahal ma y’6aye3 😛
    o tru the pizza needs oregano, i think itll give it 3 extra points 😀 dont you think? 3awafiii :*

    la tensain papa jones pizza after ur diet 😛

    • LOOL sahal 7ag ely ydel ana ma adel shy 😛
      yea totally agree :D, alla y3afeech ;*

      LOOL la mo nasyaaa this weekend inshallaaah 😛

  3. Thank you 3ateeja for an awesome review. We LOVE it!!! inshAllah you visit us more and review us everyday :)))). Glad you found the place and didn’t give up and go back home :p. Hope to see you there more often. Love the post.

    • inshaallaa, coz i’m dying to try “chocolate nirvana” !!
      LOOL yea i’m glad 2 😛
      and thnx for the lovely comment ! 🙂

  4. يم يم يم

    خصوصا الباستا غرامي


    وثانكس عالريفيو

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