Review: Not The Final destination 5

yes it’s not the last “final destination” !! coz there is another part “Part 6”  , of course with the same story since the year 2000 !

ok ehwa maktob ena horror-thriller? hmmm for me it was more like comedy LOOL el-3en tnshle3 o tnfqe9 , o eed tnq6e3 o y6sher mnha Vimto!! ya3ni mn senat 2000 tewaqa3t ena yt6wron shway madry ,lish 7aset el-mo5rej hindyyy !!! 😛

thya3t 88 min mn 3umry 3ala qe9a ma3yoda o ta9wer ta3es!!

my rate : 3\10 bs 3shan th7akni shway:P

imdb rate

8 thoughts on “Review: Not The Final destination 5

  1. اشوا اني ما رحتله

    حسيت افلام الرعب صايرة بايخة من فترة كلها نفس الفكرة :/

    يعطيج العافية

  2. LOOL madre ana ma fkrt ath7k :p bs itwas a REAL waste of time la o tra hal film kan gbl final destination 1 lol y3ny il sequence ra7 ybalesh again ! Il film 7da fail haha!

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