Halloumi Burger

Heeelllo there 😀

bema ena el-yahal nayem 3ndna fa gelt 5al adesh el-ma6ba5 asawi lehom ryog ! 😛

so hathy kil el-ingredients:

this is the halloumi burger

e5thaw crisco oil spray reshaw shway 3al pan o eqlaw el-halloumi

o reshaw shway 3al burger bread o da5loh el-freen 3shan y9er crispy layer

add spoon of olive oil and zaatar

then add slice of tomato , lettuce, chicken turkey and mustard

that’s it , bon appetit

ps: etha fe badlyat 6wfaw lina ga3da akteb 3al sare3 lazem a6la3 now gabel la t7oshni ez7ma c yaa 😛

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