3ateeja in love !

YES I’M IN LOVE ” With this DSLR”  ♥

I’m not sure if it’s available in Kuwait market but i’ll buy it from KSA *great offer* !! 


& another video Nikon D5100 vs Canon D600

Finally i found my baby

2 thoughts on “3ateeja in love !

  1. the thing is … i am loving this cam but the reviews or compression with other cams is not that high .. this is better only in video shooting but a little worst in other stuff .. not that its bad but if i am going to spend some high cash i would go for something a little more professional … right ??

    just spelling out my thoughts
    Note: i am not a pro in choosing cams i was checking reviews around the net

    • shno el-worst stuff ely qaret,hom 3na?
      klamk 9a7 1oo% bs bema eni mo professional photographer lish ashtri cam mowa9fat.ha a3la o ma astfed mnha ? hathy mn a7san el-DSLRs for beginners ! 🙂

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