I’ve been tagged by the lovely Iyaa to do this Alphabetical Tag !  😀

Available: Yes
Age: 21
Animals: i love all the animals except insects, birds and fishes !
Beer: is Barbican Toot y3tbar beer ? 😛
Best Friend:  Little J
Body part on opposite sex: teeth” smile” , gr3aa & dimples
Best feeling in the world: when i open my potato chips bag after futoor 😛
Best weather: Winter
Been in love: No
Been on stage: Yes a lot 😛
Believe in magic? Yes
Believe in Santa? La !
Brand: Kil shy ! ma 3da Chanel uuugh !
Color: all the light colors
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate !
Chines/Indian/Italian: ooohh all of them !
Cake or pie: CAAAKE
Cheese: oh god all the time !
Day or Night: Day !
Dancing in the rain: Yes wanasa , bs ma tswa 3ly omi tzfni “ahooo deshay la tamr’9en “- *sniff* 😛
Eyes: brown
Ever failed a class: in college yes ! 😥
Enemies: Not sure 😛
Exercise: typing on the keyboard 😛
First thoughts waking up: Whats for Futoor? 😛
Food: Italian food and mechabeees ❤ 😛
Greatest Fear: madry mafy shy ly al-7en a5tre3 mna glbi gewii e7m 😛
Get along with your parents: Yes el7amdella ;*
Hair color: black
Happy: YEES  el-7amdeallaa 😀
Holiday: i’m enjoying my holiday 7raaaah nananaana 😛
Ice cream: in looooove ❤
Jewelry: i love to collect them but i hate wearing them dunno why 😛
Job: Student  T-T
Kids: someday inshalla 🙂
Kickboxing or Karate: both 😀
Love: everything !
Laughed so hard to cry: Yea a loooot 😛
Milk flavor: KDD Chocolate milk
Movies: all the kinds
Motion sickness: mmm not really
McD’s and BK: i HATE fast food !
Number: 3-25
One wish: finish all my wish list 😀
Perfect Pizza: ohh i want pizza now , i love papa johns all the meat pizza thin crust, pizza express margarita and i’m dying to try solo pizza after ramadan inshalla 😀
Pepsi/Coke: I HATE soft drinks
Perfume/Cologne: both !
Quail: aaaa noisy bird can i kill him ;$ ? 😛
Reason to cry: i’ll skip this Q
Reality TV: waste of time ! not a fan
Radio station: Marina 88.8
Song:i quit listening to songs long time ago el-7amdealla 😀
Shoes size: 39-40
Strawberry/Blueberry: both ❤
Sport: basketball , squash
Tattoos: 9a7ya a7req jeeldy??? 7ta low 7enna tattoo eeww ! big NO kafi ena 7ram !
Thunderstorm: beautiful nature
Unpredictable: Yes
Vacation spot(s): on my couch playing COD or Portal 2
Weakness: when i see 1 liter of ice-cream
Who makes you laugh the most: Hayooona ;*
Worst weather: r6ooba !
X-Rays: wayed teksart o infla3t wa3lya 3ly 😛
Year it is now:  almost the end of 2011
Yellow: Qadsyiah ❤ but i hate the color 😛
Zoo animal: monkey ❤ ! hatha ely arou7 3shana 😛
 I will tag : dear_romeo , mo3ath , ducatiq8i , summer , hadeel , roro 😀

12 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. ooh i just realized your wish list! its such a long list! and 53 insaaaay mako mexican , yabela someone to open one sooon

    • while ago mark & danderma ktebaw 3n new Mexican restaurant ymd7onaa 7eel wedy ajrbaa bs b3eeeeeed somewhere in bo 7lefa madry f7e7eel na6ra wa7da mn 5waty tetbra3 twadeny 😛

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