8 thoughts on “New Addresses

    • 7ayallaah mariom taw ma nwar el-blog 😛
      en’9mety 7ag 7ezb el-bloggat 😛

      looool ya3ni 5la9 mako shy esma share3 o jada o mnzel n’9am code 7ag kil bait :\

    • ely fehmta mn e5ty tgol nafs n’9am USA 7ag el-GPS y9er as,hal t76en el-code o to9len el-mokan ely tabena bedal ma t76en el-3nwan kamel

    • LOOOL nafs ely getla 7ag mariam , ya3ni mako shy esma jada o share3 o mnzel bs code 7ag kil bait o el-code nafsa 3al ID

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