for real ?

my lovely dr who’s still stuck in the 90’s 36tna hal course sheet maktob 3aliha pagers are not allowed ! come on  mno yst3mel pagers nowadays ?😛

el-mafro’9 takteb “phones and ipads are not allowed ”🙂

and in the same day rfejty kanat m’9y3a el-license fa 6l3at bdal faqed o 3a6oha hal paper wely ‘9a7kna el-klam ely ta7ta 5a6 ??

shy 6abe3i btkon el-7ala “alive”,, ya3ni by6l3on badal faqed 7ag mayet shybi feh:\ ?

& the other thing shno yaaa3ni Latini :rejaf ??😕

plz ely ysht’3lon bel mror 5al yfedona o ygolon lina shno ya3ni😛

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