Dining Gluten-Free in Kuwait Campaign‏

i got email from our dear blogger  Danderma about Coeliac disease ,, & directly i remembered my best friend “Nora”  😦  ,, she has Coeliac disease , & she’s really suffering to get a gluten-free breads from certain bakeries “ex: in Hawali” , & While ago she emailed “Kuwait flour mills & bakeries” if they can make it available in the Co-ops so they can get easily instead of going to Hawali “almost daily” , but unfortunately no one answered her !


SO this is a request from me, Danderma and from all Coeliac patients PLEASE:

” If you are a restaurants owner, or a chef, or a homemade food business, or know someone in the food industry who would listen, then on behalf of the gluten intolerant people in Kuwait we ask you to please just print a little piece of A4 paper pointing out which menu items are gluten free and inform your waiters about them. Also you can always add a gluten free rice based pasta in the back of your restaurant and use it whenever a gluten intolerant person wishes to dine in and have some hearty pasta. Flourless desserts or ones used with gluten free flour as well as bread can also be used in menus, for example baking one loaf of gluten free to be used during the weekend and freezing it would be very helpful indeed.” quoting from Danderma email.

for reading the whole post in Danderma blog Click

لقراءة الموضوع بالعربي في مدونة فرانكوم

6 thoughts on “Dining Gluten-Free in Kuwait Campaign‏

  1. I agree with u .. Cuz a drear friend Of mine has that problem .. I’m gonna try my best and publish this (:

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