Review: Meli Melo

I found Meli Melo Finally !!! 9arly fatra o ana a7os 3alih kilhom ygolon ly yam flex 7sna 7walen flex shkther ma lgenah ! o ndeg 3alihom ma yrdon kilsh :s , a5er shy radaw 3alina 6la3 9ob flex women o e7na kina n7os 7walen flex men the one next to Osaka !! el-mhm ena lgenah a5er shy 😛

el-mokan tqelqeeee9 !!! wayeeed 9’3er o m7kar @@

Menu : wayeeeed 6weeel ’93t ma 3rft sh6leb bs el-7ilo ena 7a6en 9war 7ag a’3lab el-dishes

(cosmo samer berries)

63am 7up – 5\10

(Melange salad)

crab salad same as Osaka salad ,  it needs more sauce 7\10

(prawn balls)

el-mafro’9 ena prawn balls bs b3ad ma 5l9na e97an estw3bna ena crab sticks yayben e6lab ‘3la6 😛

but i like it 9\10

( Yaki Udon )

laaaaatheeeth !! it’s the best chicken & vegetables noodles eveeeeer !! 10\10

(Sianmaki )

crab, avocado, cucumber , shrimps , and caviar .. it’s good but it needs more flavor 7\10

now kil ma arfa3 rasy abi akel lgmty ashof hal mazyon mtne7 bwayhi looool walla ma 3rft akel 3adel bsbta

6wlatna jbal el-window , madry laish 7aset eni ga3da in Malaysia 3ala hal view !! o kila asian ppl ytmshon lol 😛

staff: they don’t speak english well and we were struggling to understand what they are trying to say , and they need to trained more we got 2 wrong dishes but over all i loved how friendly they are

prices: are reasonable

place: Shaab AlBahry , B.8, AL KENDI ST – phone: 22661520 – “there is no parking” !

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6 thoughts on “Review: Meli Melo

  1. شكله عجييييب
    عليكم بالعافيه

    سامعه عنه شكثررر
    ودي اروحله مشتهيه كراب ماكي و فرايد رايس 😀
    عيب المطاعم اللي في الشعب كله ماكو باركنج و بـ سكيك ضيجه :\

    • الله يعاافيج
      اي الي يقهر ان احلى المطاعم بالشعب وبطلعت الروح تحصلين مسفط :\

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