Wish list

as u can see i added the wish list recently * the side bar*

& i’m working on *Ice skating lessons*

i joined Kuwait ice skating rink in Mirqab 2 weeks ago but i took just one class till now

it’s 10 kd for 4 classes and each class one and half hour

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

bema eni snen o bnen mo dasht,ha twaqa3t enha t’3yrat aw ramomoha 3al aqal ! bs en9damt enha 3ala 7a6t,ha o arda 😛 !!

old and dirty , not comfy at all !!

b’3ena n2jer mn el-m7al ely 3ndhom bs mskar e9ib7 ! :s

the same old rink !

the first lesson : how to walk on the ice , “same as baby steps” bs 9ij t3ab jsmi kila shad ma twaq3ta chthy 93ab 7ta chatfy shad madry shko ! 😛 , wel coach ynrfez  :\

that’s it for now ,stay tuned for the next update 🙂

13 thoughts on “Wish list

    • looool kil rfejaty 7awlaw m3ai mako fayda !!!,,, ehma nawyen yn6ron tnhdem fog rosna b3den yfkron yrmomonha ! :\

    • 7ada datheeer , ee qa3da adawer ly shoe a7sna mn el-stinky malhom ! 😛 ,, ana feny phobia mn skating lina lima kint at3lam o ana 9’3era shaqet wayh wa7da bel ‘3la6 so i wanna get over it now :p

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  3. وناسة

    عجبتني فكرة الـ wish list

    وتدرين ان ولا عمري جربت السكيتينق لول

    يلا ناطرين الابديتز 🙂

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