Scream 4


Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

tawa shftaa LOOOOOOL chena low budget movie ’97kny akthar mn ma 5r3ny ” nafs 6aqat el-ajza2 el-qadema taqreban”  bs ely 3jbni ena 6ol el-wagt 7a6et ebali ena el-killer sha59 mo3yan bs a5rat,ha 6la3 sha59 thany kilsh ma twq3ta ykon ehwa and btw the fun start at the last 20 min !!

kint b36eh 5\10 bs enhaya 3jbtni so lets say 7\10 ??

more pictures and info here

6 thoughts on “Scream 4

  1. mga66a3? cuz abi aro7la elyom wetha mga66a3 wayed baro7 kung fu panda bedala 😛 plz answer 😀

    • shefta online gabel ma ynzel el-q8 bs ma athker ena fe faqrat lazem yg63onha el-movie 7ada PG !,, Bs ymd7on Kung Fu panda ! 😛

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