Moroccan salad


couscous 500 g

hot water 1and1\2 cup

olive oil  7 to10 tsp

3 eggplants “medium size”

turmeric 3\4 sp

green lemon juice 9 tsp – half lemon juice – lemon zest

salt 1 to 1\2 sp

garlic 1\2 sp

parsley 1 cup

tomato ” without the seeds” – 2 medium size

2 green onions “optional” – corn ” optional” 1\2 cup

black pepper

pine nuts – 2 tsp


put the couscous in a deep bowl then add 1 cup of hot water with 2 tsp of olive oil ,mix it gently with fork then cover it – leave it ! , after 2 mins add 1\2 cup of warm water then mix it with your hands.

cut the tomato and eggplant into cubes

Soak the eggplants with salty water ,drain it after a while , add turmeric, fry it

add to the couscous : 7 tsp olive oil +lemon juice+ salt+ garlic and “stir” then add lemon zest- tomato -parsley- green onions – corn- black pepper – eggplant – pine nuts

tips:- if u wanna more taste u can add a little bit of Italian dressing and some dried bread

– if the couscous dry add more olive oil

Bon Appetit 😀

4 thoughts on “Moroccan salad

  1. شكلها يشوق ما شااا الله
    عليكمـ بأللف عااافيه ..
    بنجربهاا قريبااا ان شاء الله ^^

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