how to make your own ringtone

what do you need:

iphone – USB – itunes – song

1-now open your itunes , choose any song you want to make it as a ringtone then follow the pictures

now as u can see there is another copy of the song

click to read more

choice part of the song that you want it to be the ringtone “just 30 sec”

another copy will show up , then delete the 2nd copy “the one in the middle”

now the song is ready , connect your iphone with the computer

now go to the setting in your iphone > sounds > ringtone> search for the ringtone then check it

& we r done 😀

if there is anything not clear please let me know !

btw la te5tr3on mn e9war ! ma ra7 ya5eth akthar mn 7 min etha mo aqal !

17 thoughts on “how to make your own ringtone

  1. Cool.. I’ll make sure to try it out.. Mallainah min il default ringtone ille kill il3alam 7a6ha, time for some customization.. I guess they made it so hard and boring for someone to change their ringtone so that we keep their default ringtone! Apple.. At least that what i think!

  2. This is a great post. I was super excited when I read it, and that it looked very easy.

    I’ve got a Mac, and i thought the same steps wud work with me… Bs 7asafa, the new file stays at the same time, it doesn’t get shorter.

    Major 7asafa 😦

    But a great post none the less 🙂

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