searching for camera

Canon + Nikon experts i need your help ASAP !
i’m searching for a new HQ digital camera since my sony camera is getting old & it’s not that good for the low light “night” pictures but it’s really great in the sunlight pictures
what i want is a rich color picture with a high shutter speed ,, good quality of  Macro photos and high optical zoom
i don’t care about the Mega-pixels it’s not that important “as they told me”
so what’s your Suggestions ?
Canon or Nikon
& which model is the best?

15 thoughts on “searching for camera

  1. I use a Nikon and never used a Caonon so I con not compare, but i bought my Nikons based on research. the dealer here in here in Kuwait offer better support and almost all my friends owns Nikons, so we can exchange lenses.

    If you are willing to own a DSLR , you can’t have high optical zoom + macro at the same time. every type of photography requires a different lens.

    • well i don’t need a high professional camera with big big big lenses no, coz i’m not a professional photography but i’m gonna take some basic courses inshalla & i’ll buy maybe 2 or 3 “medium size lenses ” i don’t know what they call it :p

      so which Nikon model do u suggest?

    • Start with the D3100, check it on before you buy. And then compare to cameras within the same price range.

      If you need any advice, please let me know, and will help 🙂

    • jrabt D3100 ka ta9wer 7ilo bs feha 3eb lima b9awer video ysawi auto-focus y6l3 9ot o ytsjal bel video !! o jrabt este3mal 600 D 3jbni bs ma 7aset e9war in rich colors ! 7alhom mn 7al el-sony ely 3ndy :\

  2. I don’t know much about cameras. My camera is a simple point and shoot canon sx200is

    But I’m going to follow your post for what people recommend, I can use the information my self too 🙂

    Are you a good photographer? If not, then take a simple photography class t o learn about different shooting techniques… Then go buy a new camera.

    Eshrayich? 🙂

    • i’m not a photography but i’m in love with photography a lot !!
      & yes i’m gonna take some basic courses soon inshalla 😀

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