25-Feb celebration

i took some photos of the Kuwait Tower fireworks but unfortunately they are not that clear because we where far away,
we parked near to Fridays and then we walked till KFC , we couldn’t see the lesar show clearly but we saw all the fireworks along the sea it’s just amazing !!!!

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here is the video i think it’s better than the photos !

& for the full show you can watch this video :

wanna see more photos and video’s from different blogs click: here , here , here , here , here and here

الله يحفظــــــج يا كويـــــــــت من كل شر يــــــا رب

6 thoughts on “25-Feb celebration

  1. With the warning you were telling us, i expected terrible pictures….

    You’re pictures are amazing…. They’re very clear, sharp, and your view point is stunning.

    Way to go 3ateeja 😀

  2. i cant believe that i missed all the celebration 😦 and during the fire works i got stuck in the crowd while i was on my way back home from shalaih 😦 ta5ayelay 4 hours min shalaih till i get home !! min share3 lai share3 !! kel shay msakar

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