i went to avenues 2day and i saw this huge & cute slipper in United Colors Of Benetton

ely 3al ysar hatha el-normal size ok now let’s move to the right side that i’m talking about !! fe shy wa7ed m3qdni !! shlon ylbsona? aw ymshon feh bm3na a9a7 !! lina ehwa bs 1 piece o feh mn da5el mokan 7ag erelen !!! b’3et atleqaf o ajreb bs getl ma tswa 3li at3rchab o atfshal !! :p

anyway would you buy this cute soft puppy ?



& i’m soooo happyyyy

sheft el-security man today ra7 7ag 2 boys with a big smile on his face o klmhom bkil adab o 5tha mnhom el-cigarette m3a el-packet to make sure enhom ma yd5non again

& the boys estslmaw lel amer el-waqe3 o 3a6oh el-packet with a smile on their faces !!

& a biiiig smile on my face too !!

inshalla y’9lon active o mo bs awal chum youm 😀


6 thoughts on “Avenues

  1. First of all I’m glad that smoking is prohibited now there.
    The slipper is funny and huge. I won’t definitely buy it:p

    • noooo ana awal shy 3bali as a toy ! lima se2lt elmw’9fa galat ly la2 wayed nas ylbsona o hathy a5er qe63a !! madry shlon ylbsona :S !

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