9 thoughts on “Air cargo companies

  1. I deal with myus.com

    They’re more expensive, but offer perfect services; tracking system, consolidating packages, holding them, shipping only the things you want and keeping the rest in storage… etc

    If you don’t mind paying a little extra, try them out. And they’re very speedy. They clear the package same day or day after max, and stuff will be in kwt within 3 days of shipment… Ofcourse, you still have to deal with custom delays in kwt.

  2. كلهم حراميه

    انا اتعامل مع شركة زاجل بس مادري هل ايام ادق عليهم محد يرد

    • Lool! , zajeel? Awal mara asma3 feha shno nafs,ha zajel malat el-net? O Momken t36eni elwebsite aw raqmhom?

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