lget group bel FB ybe3on 3laleq & covers 7ag el-phone o 3jboni el-3laleq so 6labt mnhom o gali ya5eth 5 days e6lab!! 6afaw hal 5 days o ma we9al o 3ateeja 8amat ta6fer ,,el-mhm ena we9lni elyoum b3d na6ra le modat esbo3en !!

anyway here is some pic’s for it

el-finishing mrtab bs 3ebhom wayed 6wlaw ‘3er 3n el-wagt ely etfqna 3alih o ana ma a7b chthy!!!

FB link


4 thoughts on “finally

  1. ايننون ,, ملبوس العافيـــــــــــــه ^_*

    كلهم حلوين وخصوصا الأبيض ,, كشيخي لوول

    • 3yonech el-7ilwa ;*
      ee madry 3nhom t5yli kil mara ydeg ygoli bnw9lhom el-youm o ykshton aw y6l3on a3thar !! o lima tnrfzt b’3et akancel e6lab gali e7na 3nd el-bab ! ;\

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