21 thoughts on “Question

  1. LOOOOOL!! OMG 3ATEEJA ETKHAR3EEN!!!@@ wallaaaaaaaaah enii ga3da afaker ib hal shay these past 3 days!!!!!!!;0 cuz i am a new blogger o ma kint a3rif wela afarig wela shay madri a9lan fe shay esma wordpress awal shay 3abali sign Volks Wagen! :S adri mu 9a7ya. So when i told my friend eni i am thinking of doing a blog and i dont know how, she told me just write blogspot.com and from here en6ilaqt:D ,,after entering the most amazing experience i ever had (blogging) gimt a3rif more wastaw3ib akther hehe ;p fa tawni ga3da afaker hal should i at first kint a9eer on wordpress wela blogspot?!! o shino il a7sen?! ya3nii ma a3rif bes i really would like 2 try wordpress ka experience ;p

    • looooool ,, shofi ana ely ma a7ba bel blogger salfat el-comments tnrfez ely lazem a7e6 el-code kil mara o etha a7ad kitab b3dech ma yo9al lech email !! wel themes momelen ma tegdren tl3ben fehom wayed !
      wordpress ely 3jbni feh wayed 3mli o professional o agdar asawela Upgrades m3a el-wagt !

  2. I always preferred wordpress services over blogger.. but I don’t know why I keep choosing blogger.. probably the simplicity + speed. Oh and, wordpress keep changing their dashboard which is not cool.

  3. wordpress akeed!! I hate blogspot so much!!!!!!
    I used to have a blogspot blog but the options and the themes suck!! and the way people comment on my old blog was just too annoying!! To me blogspot is like a PC and wordpress is Apple 😀

  4. wordpress انا افضل

    لانة انا الي اتحكم بكل شي من غير قيود واكدر اضيف والغي الاشياء براحتي

    blogspot اما

    سهلة ومافيها تعقيد للي يحب يكتب بسرعة وينشر مذكراتة وكتاباتة على السريع

    وتعتبر مقيدة ..

    وهذا راي

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