XD theater

hello,,el-youm ga3da mn 9ba7 alla 5er o kilsh mo 7asa bjaw el-3ed o malal !! so dagat rfejty o g3dna nsolif o qrarna nrou7 cinema el-avenu bs getlaha awal shy lazem arou7 cinema 6D,, kil ma arou7 el-avenu agol brou7la o ma arou7 anyway i took some pic to share it with u guys & it was FUUUNNNN !!!

Located in phase 2 , 2nd floor in-front of “that alslasel book store”

hatha tv cam 7a6enha bara tegdron tshofon ashkal ely da5el el-theater 7ag eshmata ! :p

this is from inside “just 8 seats”

they have 3 kinds of films or we can say “show”: 1 for kids – 2 for adults -ely ysht’3el n97na ndesh the desert show which was really fun ! and each show last for 7 min !

ps: el-mafro’9 ena el-youm a5er yuom 7aghom o ynshal BUT ely ysht’3el gali 5la9 ma ra7 ynshal bs e7tmal yt’3yar mokana *yeey* 😀

You can buy the tickets online from Taw9eel if u want or u can get it in the same place

to read more about the theater Link

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