4 thoughts on “the right way to open the banana :p

  1. Ambaih ambaih o_O !!
    I’ve been arguing with my parents 4 so long abt this, they open the banana like this, I open it from the other side o eklla yezefooni o yegolon ‘3la6
    & I would B like laaaaa2 shako I’m right, el.monky yeba6elha methli.. ya3ni entaw al7een adra mn el.monkey bel.banana
    bs tarra 9ij I’m sure el.monkeys don’t open it chethi, they open it from the other side, I’m sure I saw ’em on animal planet lol just 2 prove my parents that I’m right

    • looooooooool no hun !! 9ij el-monkeys yb6lona chthy ma yb6lona mn fog nafsna sheft some video’s in youtube :p

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